The Duke of Newcastle Returning from the Shoot

The Duke of Newcastle returning from the shoot antique animal paintings

Antique Painting: The Duke of Newcastle Returning from the Shoot

After Francis Wheatley RA 1747-1801.

Oil on canvas, 27 x 21 inches.

Inscribed to rear of canvas ‘Return from shooting. Containing portraits of the Duke of Newcastle, Col Lichfield.

H Strafford pinxt 1838’.

(The Duke of Newcastle riding a chestnut horse wearing the Star of the Garter with Col Lichfield, William Mansell the gamekeeper and Day the under keeper. The Dukes valet with a shooting pony. Clumber House, since destroyed, is in the distance.

The Duke received a gift from the Duc de Noailles of several couples of cock Springers that were put under the management of William Mansell and were the original Clumber Spaniels.)


Henry Strafford

(1830 - 1873)

Please Note : This painting has been sold

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