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Archibald Hereford Bull by A.M. Gauci naive animal painting

Archibald Hereford Bull

Painting ID:312Earl of Derby by A.M. Gauci naive animal paintings

Earl of Derby

Painting ID:424Shorthorn bull by A.M. Gauci naive animal paintings

Shorthorn Bull

Painting ID:0195Shorthorn Heifer in a Landscape, Naive Animal Painting Signed By A. M. Gauci

Shorthorn Heifer in a Landscape

Painting ID:435

A. M. GAUCI (op. 1848 -1880’s)

A. M .Gauci was an animal painter and engraver. His father and brother were lithographers in London.

He engraved many illustrations of Shorthorn cattle for the ‘Coates Herd Book’ from 1863 -1867. He also contributed one plate to ‘A comparative View of the English Racer and Saddle horse’ (1836) & engraved ‘The Age’ (of the coach) after the work by C.C.Henderson.