Devon Cow

Devon Cow by James Ward antique animal painting

Antique Painting: Devon Cow

Oil on canvas 17 X 12 inches monogram JW (James Ward)

This is typical of the work undertaken by Ward for the Boydell project commissioned by the 'First Board of Agriculture'.

The commission was for Ward to paint all breeds of domestic livestock in the British Isles (to be published later by Boydell in the form of mezzotints).

They were to be done as accurately as possible, depicted to a precise scale of measurement & proportion.

A list of subjects was drawn up by Lord Somerville, President of the Board of Agriculture, & assisted by the Duke of Bedford.

In 1801 the enthusiastic Ward set out, during which time he spent 2 months touring the South west, including Devon.

Sadly the Boydell project never materialised, only 8 paintings being eventually used for printing purposes.


James Ward

(1769 - 1859)

Please Note : This painting has been sold

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