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Castleton Style, Antique Animal Portrait By W. A. Clark

Castleton Style

Painting ID:485Lessnessock Miss Viola by William Albert Clark naive animal paintings

Lessnessock Miss Viola

Painting ID:485Hedges happy lace by William Albert Clark naive animal paintings

Hedges Happy Lace

Painting ID:485Hanley Baritone, Antique Animal Portrait By W A Clark

Hanley Baritone

Painting ID:485Hanley Postgroom, Antique Animal Portrait By W A Clark

Hanley Postgroom

Painting ID:485Hanley Mallard Antique Animal Painting By W A Clark

Hanley Mallard

Painting ID:485Victorian Cast Iron Piggy Bank by William Albert Clark

Victorian Cast Iron Piggy Bank

Painting ID:485Markeaton Royal Harold by William Albert Clark

Markeaton Royal Harold

Painting ID:485Prize Jersey Cow Monomint by William Albert Clark Naive Animal Painting

Prize Jersey Cow Monomint

Painting ID:485Chapleton Colleen by William Albert Clark Antique Painting

Chapleton Colleen

Painting ID:485

William Albert Clark (1880-1963)

As the Son of Albert Clark and Grandson James Clark, William Albert Clark comes from a background of acclaimed animal artists. Although William was actually registered as ‘Albert William’, he was formerly known by his middle name to avoid confusion with his father.

Learning from his predecessors, William Clark specialised in the painting of horses and sometimes painted them with their riders or with their carriage and driver. Similarly, he would often create portraits of prize cattle and dogs.

In a similar way to James Clark – William’s Grandad – dedicating “The Runaway Horse” to his son Albert, Albert Clark attributed a recreation of the same painting to William Albert Clark under the new title ‘Breaking Loose’.

To obtain commissions for his work, William Albert Clark was often required to travel and he stated on his card “Gentlemen waited upon in any part of the country”. To try and gain more work under the impression that William Clark was a member of the Royal Agricultural Society, aside his usual signature of W. A. Clark, William would often add the letters RAS.

Some of the pieces within William Albert Clark’s collection include ‘Prize Jersey Cow’, ‘Springer Spaniel with a Snipe’ and ‘Lunsdale Banker’.