The Tupholme Ox

The tupholme ox by thomas weaver antique animal paintings

Painting The Tupholme Ox

Oil on canvas 29 X 23 inches

Signed & dated T. Weaver Pt 1806

An ox of the Longhorn / Shorthorn Cross, under 4 years old, bred & fed by Mr Pell, of Tupholme, nr Lincoln, was slaughtered by Mr Hart of Wragby.
It weighed 88st. 3 lbs. (14 lbs to the stone) had 13st. 9lbs of loose fat, & the hide weighed 8st. 3lbs.
He was remarkably small on the bone, & had been only 5 months fed on linseed cake.
(From the Agricultural Magazine, or, Farmers' Monthly Journal, July 1807).

The Breeder Mr Paul Pell Jnr.
Farmer & Grazier. Born about 1751, & baptised at Bardney 19th May 1751, son of Paul Pell Snr. Died 28th Feb. 1811 at Tupholme Hall. Ensign in the Lincolnshire militia Sept.1768; resigned as Captain 13th May 1791.


Thomas Weaver

(1774 - 1843)

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