Prize Middlewhite Gilt

Prize middlewhite gilt by E.S. England antique animal paintings

Painting Prize Middlewhite Gilt

Inscribed 'Leeds Fat Stock Show 1906'

Oil on canvas 24 X 18 inches

Signed E.S.England

Pig Paintings are the most charming, idiosyncratic and popular of all theanimal portraits. Originally breeders were experimenting to produce ever fatter and more distinctive pigs.

Pigs of seemingly incredible proportions were painted during the 19th & early 20th centuries. For cottagers and smallholders the pig at the bottom of the garden was a vital source of food. All that mattered was its weight and fatness.

'A good fat pig to last him all the year' was the philosophy behind the feeding of the family pig, whilst William Cobbett commented,'If a pig can walk 200 yards he is not fat'.


E. S. England

Please Note : This painting has been sold

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