Pair of Pigeons ‘Blue Boy’ & ‘The Leader’

Pair of Pigeons ‘Blue Boy’ & ‘The Leader’ Hen by Andrew W. Beer antique animal paintings

Painting Pair of Pigeons 'Blue Boy' & 'The Leader'

Pair of pigeons, oil on canvas 16 x 12 inches signed Andrew Beer.
Inscribed 'Blue Boy' Blue Cock NU.RP.30.WB.393, Flew all stages as Y.B in 1931 was 7th Dol & 3rd Remmes Wallasey Boro. H.S. In 1932 won 1st North Wirral fed from Dol 274 birds & 1st Wallasey Boro H.S. 134 Birds Bred & Raced by A.Hazelhurst.
Blue Cheq cock NV.RP 30 B.H.C 588, Winner of first position,Wallasey Boro. H.S from Yeovil Aug. 30th 1930. 368 birds competing. 6th North Wirral. Fed: 845 birds, alsoBath, Wallasey Boro H.S. The property of Alan Hazelhurst.


Andrew W. Beer

(op. 1904 - 1944)

Please Note : This painting has been sold

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