Leicester Ram’s

Leicester rams by Thomas Fairbairn Wilson antique animal paintings

Antique Painting: Leicester Ram's

Leicester Ram's bred by the famous Robert Colling, descended from Robert Bakewell's Dishley flock.

Oil on canvas 21 X 26 inches

By Thomas Fairbairn Wilson, a Newcastle artist who was regularly commissioned by the Colling Bros. to paint their animals.

Contemporary hand written script to reverse :-

On the left

"Symmetry - 4 years old bred by Mr R. Colling got by Mr Stubbins Symmetry, G Sire by Dam Dishley R. Taken at Barmton 1809 July 9th"

On the right

"Carcass 2 years old bred by Mr R. Colling got by Mr Stones Cripple a son of G G, dam by Dishley L".

This is an incredibly important painting representing the work of two of the UK's most important & influential Agriculturalists, Robert Bakewell & Robert Colling.


Thomas Fairbairn Wilson

Please Note : This painting has been sold

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