Painting Blackbird unsigned

Painting Blackbird

Oil on canvas 20 x 24 inches (51 x 61 cm). Unsigned Circa 1880's.
This horse was bred & owned by the 5th Marquis of Londonderry. (illus. in 'The Shire Horse' a History of the Breed, the Society & the Men' by Keith Chivers).
This horse represented a state as near to perfection as his breeder could create. He was pivotal in the race to find the perfect type.
The horse 'qualified by examination' for Drew's Select Clydesdale Stud Book, and was said to have been the ideal'Shire' for James Foreshaw, whose criteria were 'Size-Weight-Soundness' on short legs.
Drew, with the exception of the great man Robert Bakewell, was the greatest genius in the history of British Horse Breeding. Foreshaw was the greatest showman of his time.



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