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Game Cock & Hen by James Edwin Dean Naive animal paintings

Game Cock & Hen

Painting ID:0162The Set To by J.E. Dean Naive animal paintings

The Set To

Painting ID:6C2Prize game cock by J.E. Dean naive animal paintings

Prize Game Cock

Painting ID:289Set of six watercolours of game birds by J.E. Dean naive animal paintings

Set Of Six Watercolours Of Game Birds

Painting ID:469Game Cock By J. E. Dean, Naive Animal Paintings

Game Cock

Painting ID:A15Minton Cockfight Antique Plaque

Minton Cockfight Plaque

Painting ID:A5Antique Animal Portrait Of Old English Game Cock

Portrait of Old English Game Cock

Painting ID:437The Mealey Grey Game Cock, Antique Watercolour Painting By J. E. Dean

The Mealey Grey Game Cock

Painting ID:453b