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Benjamin Marshall (1767 – 1835)

Benjamin Marshall was a Leicestershire born artist who specialised in sporting and animal portraiture throughout the 18th and 19th Centuries.

Benjamin’s artwork was first published in 1796 as an engraving in Wheble’s Sporting Magazine where he continued to publish for many having an estimated 60 engravings in the publication by 1832. During his career as an artist, Benjamin Marshall also exhibited 13 pictures – predominantly of racehorses with their owners – at the RoyalAcademy from 1800 onwards.

During a coaching accident in 1819, Benjamin Marshall suffered severe injuries. The affect of these injuries are widely debated as some have suggested that his work was seriously impaired as a result whilst others argue that there is no visual evidence within his portfolio to suggest this. The latter opinion is further supported by Benjamin being able to sufficiently build a new painting room for himself in the Newmarket area.

Within his portraits, Benjamin Marshall captured a number of sporting characters including J. G. Shaddick and Daniel Lambert and popular pieces within his portfolio include ‘Grimalkin’ and ‘Pastime’.